Taylor Locke

LA – Day 4 – time for strings.

We started a little later today and stopped for essential cake pops from Starbucks. If you haven’t tried them, then you must. A little piece of heaven on a stick.

And then it was back to work with the boys. What I didn’t realize was that we are the first people to record in this new studio. It’s so new it doesn’t have a name yet. Owned my Taylor Locke (the guy who provided the whiskey yesterday) from The Roughs and Rooney, it’s a perfect studio for me in it’s dark red antique-y look. I feel right at home. Thanks Taylor! 🙂

Now that I have heard the new songs over and over they sound amazing to me. I keep saying that they are so different to my own production… well… because they are. And I guess it makes me a little nervous when we put them out there that some people won’t like the change. I personally love change so am embracing the new sound and hope others will too.

Keatly (pigFactory) came in today to have a listen and he is stoked which makes me very happy. We discussed what other songs that should go on the album and that decision seems to change on a daily basis. We’ll figure it out eventually.

We ended the day adding cello which was amazing. Cello makes everything sound right! Although Bleu wrote a pretty demanding part which made me marvel at the cellists’s skills.

After that… dinner at at Upper West, my last chance to hang out with Bleu and Joe outside the studio before I go home on Friday. I am having so much fun spending time with them… can I take them home with me?

LA – Day 3 – Hitting things.

After a debriefing and delicious breakfast with Keatly from my publishers, pigFactory, Bleu picked me up and we went over to the studio and we “f***ing did some f***ing s***”. This is a technical term for laying down some percussion tracks. And Joe Seiders did a sterling job!

There were weird tambourines, a strange cone with a spring on the end and some home-made shakers which, by the way, I am SO going to be making when I get home. My favourite was the Ramen shaker. I guess I will have to drink some beer to have the cans available to be used 🙂

So far I am really loving how the songs are sounding. So different to any production I could ever do. The first songs we did Bleu had already done work on so it took a while to get used to the new sound.

The main song we worked on today is the first that we built from the bottom. It is so interesting to see how he adds elements from seemingly simple parts and turn them into something very cool.

Now, not only do we have the pleasure of recording at Taylor Locke’s beautiful studio, but Taylor walked in at 7pm with a bottle of whiskey and 4 glasses… and you can’t say no can you?