NEW Website is done!

So, after not too much bugging the husband… I have a new website and I love it!

Between the lovely photos (McKinnon Photography) and my very clever husband, I have a colourful website where the pics re size with the window. It is such a nice way to show off Karen’s skills and my ability to look broody…

I hope I have made it easier to listen/buy/look around etc and hope there aren’t any errors, although that is doubtful after my typo fiasco!

I hope you like it and thanks again Karen!


New website coming soon…

If you have visited my blog before you will have noticed that I have changed the style of it and there is a reason for this. I am getting ready for change…

I may be a creature of habit in many ways (they automatically bring me a glass of wine and spring rolls at the Royston jam every Sunday)… but when it comes to aesthetics, I was one of those kids that changed around the furniture in her bedroom at least a few times a year.

Same with websites. I have changed my website a few times now and the last time was a couple of years ago, so time for change again! And, like reorganizing a room, you get to clear out all the clutter and make it all a bit neater.

So, I couldn’t help myself. With all the lovely pics that Karen from McKinnon Photography did for me I felt that they really should be more of a feature than just snapshots on the page. Here are just a couple of them…

Although I do all my website stuff myself (I even learned how to use CSS …under duress!), there are some things (lots of things actually) that I can’t figure out when it comes to code for websites. This is where my software developer husband comes in very handy. He spends his days (and nights) figuring out how to make things work on iPads and iPhones… so I have set him a task which will be the finishing cool touch to my website. No pressure!

So, when I can drag him away from his iPad, I should have a new website up very soon. I’m very excited about it!