Last Project Q attempt for this week…

Day 5 and I’m exhausted!

I have had so many messages of support, people re posting my links and wonderful ideas! Thank you!

My last attempt for this week is a youtube vid using the great new pics that McKinnon Photography did for me.

I am aware that Jian (can I call him that?) is out here in BC this week but am hoping that when he returns and eats his chocolates that he will be so overcome by chocolately goodness that ┬áhe won’t be able to stop himself from picking up the phone and inviting me to be on the show! At least, that’s how it goes in my head ;-)

Anyway here’s the youtube link with one of my racier songs “Three’s Company”… ooh!

Have a great weekend!

Petition fun…

Day 4 and my brilliant artist friend, Jennifer Weber, suggested I start a petition so here goes…

I am so grateful to the many people who are supporting me in this quest and there have been some lovely and very funny letters sent to CBC and Jian himself… all totally unsolicited. So thank you!!

If you would like to sign the petition then here is the link. I think it’s fairly simple to sign.

Weirdly, in the time it has taken to start the petition and write this blog I have 15 who have signed. The web is strange and wonderful place!