Paul Christopher

New Video for ‘Love Is’

Last week I did some thing that I should have done ages ago… I got a professional to do a music video for me.

I met Paul Christopher through my trustee photographer, Karen McKinnon. I had always shied away from using a professional as a) it is expensive and b) I was worried I wouldn’t like the result. But if he was godd enough for Karen to collaborate with then that was good enough for me! Their collaboration for an engagement video was so classy, that I thought the style would transfer well for a music video for a love song.

So we met 2 weeks ago despite a sudden dump of 2 feet of snow. I knew that the song ‘Love Is‘, from my new Treehouse album, was going to be on ‘One Tree Hill‘ on January 25th, so we had 2 weeks to get organized, film and then do all the editing and rendering which is so time consuming. I wanted to have something on youtube for after the show aired.

We got together last week and spent 4 hours filming tons of footage. I am no actor and I had to sing the same song over and over again… with feeling!!! Paul was so easy going that it was easy and even when I got a bit grumpy when we were filming in the freezing cold and her said ‘Okay, let’s do it again’, he didn’t lose his cool. I tell you, I would make a terrible America’s Next Top Model contestant… and not just because I’m 5 ft and old!

I was very grateful to Karen for letting us use her gorgeous studio with that wonderful red wall… and for having the heat nice and high!!! After we were done I was confident that Paul had enough footage to work with and left him to it. The One Tree Hill episode aired on the 25th and they played the whole of my song with vocals that you could actually hear from time to time over the dialogue between Julian and Brooke in a very romantic scene! We got the video up on youtube by the 26th after a few youtube synching problems. But it’s up there and it’s lovely. I look about 10 years younger… so obviously I am ecstatic! And I love the way it flows and the colors… especially the red. LOVE it!

So here is the link to the youtube video!! I hope you enjoy it! And Paul… which song shall we do next??

Love Is – YouTube Video