All The Letters

Fun with Capo (app)

I had a new EP out and I wanted to do a video for the title track, All The Letters. My daughter suggested that I have printed cards with the alphabet on them which I thought was a neat idea but I wanted to have the effect of it looking like the film was speeded up while singing in time… hmm.

Then… my husband (a techy) told me about this computer gadget he had, called Capo, which can speed up and slow down songs without changing pitch ( it can also change pitch without changing the tempo). So I had him slow down the song to half time.

I videoed the song at this rate and then put it into imovie to speed it up to match the song…but… there is no 1/2 or 3/4 time on imovie like there is on Capo, just a gradient. What to do, what to do…

And then I had an ah ha moment. If I can speed it up so that the song is an octave higher then it will be double time… and it worked!

So I have my video on youtube and it looks kind of cool… well I like it! Check it out here.