Alex Pires

New York Baby!

So I was lucky enough not only to have 3 songs placed in a movie recently, but also got the chance to go to NYC to watch the movie and play a gig afterwards. Here are some ramblings about the experience…

Back in October I got a call from Vicki Walls who very politely asked me how I was when I answered the phone. I nearly hung up thinking she was trying to sell me something on a Saturday morning. I quickly realized that she was responding to my Sonicbids submission for a movie that she was music supervising. Ahem… quick change of attitude and tell the kids to be quiet and we got into a conversation that lead me to a great new relationship.

So they listened to ALL my music and placed 3 songs in the movie “Mayor Cupcake” starring Lea Thompson and Judd Nelson. Very exciting.

Then I get an email saying come to NYC to watch the movie and would I like to play a gig at Gavin Degraw’s club Nation Underground afterwards. Would I? Hmm, let me see…. YES!!

So Wednesday Aug 4th, along with a good friend, Joanne (who insisted on walking 2 paces behind me!), we set off to NYC.

When I got to the movie theatre I was embraced by Vikki and Alex Pires (the director) like we were old friends and they seemed to be very excited for me. I found out why.

The movie begins with my song ‘Perfect Girl‘. Seriously… it’s the first thing you hear. It was SO cool!

It is a really great family movie and so interesting to hear how they had placed my songs. The other songs they used were ‘High Maintenance‘ and ‘Happy‘.

Then came the party and gig. There were 6 bands and I was on 5th, but people stayed around. They seemed to really want to hear me play. I was SO flattered. We hung out with the writer, Art D’Alessandro, some of the actors from the movie and, to add to it all, my cousin, who had moved to NY two days earlier. And a party with lots of cupcakes has to be a good thing!

I had one of the most fun gigs ever. I brought my looper and ukelele (my new favorite instrument)and played the 3 songs from the movie and then got an encore so played some more. I wanted to thank Gavin Degraw for graciously giving over his club for us to party and play, but he was surrounded and I didn’t want to intrude and then he was gone. So thank you Gavin!

So after a great day and a good sleep, NYC was waiting for us to be total tourists. We started with Ground Zero and then Staten Island, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, expensive lunch, which lead to expensive boots purchase (of course!). Then Time Square and lucked out by getting the last two tickets for Wicked (middle, centre), then a pedicab ride to a very nice bar for drinks.

The NYC trip exceeded my expectations and I feel I have a new energy. Where to next?