THE Dress!!

I had to write a short follow-up to my JUNO blog about THE dress!

Today I found myself on various websites featuring people on the JUNO red carpet etc.

Here are a few…


Toronto Sun


Now the irony of all this is as follows…

If I had won I would have worn a little black dress in case any photos of me were used. But because I had not won I figured no one would care what I wore or what I looked like so I threw caution to the wind, stepped out of my little black dress box and went for the multi-coloured number.

Also, I hammed it up a little in front of the press… again not really caring what they thought.

Between the dress and the jazz hands I seemed to have caught the attention of photo editors from quite a few on-line magazines including CTV (the main TV sponsors of the JUNOs) and am included in slideshows along with all the big names.

So hooray for funky little dresses and silliness. A demure little black dress and coy smile would have gone unnoticed. In case you are wondering the dress is by Karina Dresses in Brooklyn NY. Here’s one more… 🙂

Windsor Star

I also wrote a blog for the dress company Karina Dresses


  1. Even *I* was impressed by that dress/photo when you posted it on Instagram – impressed enough to comment on it. I remember thinking, “What do I know?” but yes, it even got through to a duffer like me. You look so refreshingly ALIVE compared to most of the red carpet divas and divos we see!

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