Silly & Serious – A New Challenge.

Since finishing my Song of the Week challenge over 2 years ago I have felt there has been a hole in my songwriting process. Unless I was writing for an album I found I was starting so many songs but not finishing most. I thought about doing song of the week again but it felt like I would be going backwards a little.

Then, while writing some upbeat tunes with a view to ad placements for my publisher a few weeks ago, I found the urge to counteract the jolliness with something sad and depressing. I really enjoyed the juxtaposition (and I like the word juxtaposition!). So after quietly setting myself a goal of writing and recording one of each a week I found that I was being way more productive because I really do love a deadline. I thrive on it and every day I wake up excited that I have a purpose.

Now I am on week 4 and, while I am not posting all the songs I write (2 a week is a little bit of overload) I am posting some of them exclusively on my Facebook Music page via SoundCloud. I was originally going to call it Happy & Sad but the got a little confusing when some jolly songs are in minor keys etc. So ‘Silly & Serious’ it is.

Unlike Song of the Week, I am not committing to do this religiously every week for a year, but I will keep going (likely with holiday breaks) until I find something else to distract me… ooh look… squirrel! 🙂

Click on the image below to go to the new tunes…

Screen shot 2012-12-11 at 10.42.40 AM


  1. Hi Helen:

    Perhaps one should never underestimate the role a challenge can play in being inspirational; whether one you make, to challenge yourself; or one presented in everyday life.

    You meeting challenges can also be inspirational to others. One day I heard you being interviewed on CBC, and heard All The Letters played as well. Something clicked for me to search out your website; something inspired me to think that, yes, perhaps I might be able to get at least one song created with some penned lyrics.

    I also decided that perhaps I could also write some more sets of lyrics, to add to the original starting ones; I made some room for the process, in other words.

    Well, last Friday, the mixed and mastered song files were completed and received for 10 + 1 songs ( + 1 meaning there’s a 2nd version of one song in the compilation) from the singer / songwriter who agreed to take on the project.

    I’d never dome anything like that, yet was inspired enough by your work, to challenge myself to find a way to see some songs created with lyrics that might otherwise have sat, forever empty of melody, on the shelf somewhere.

    I might have only been able to offer the words to work with, for the project, but others can bring their musical talents to the table. I may also never do it it again, but it sure was a fun process to get involved with and be a part of.

    So, thanks for being an inspiration, with what you do.

    All the best …

  2. LOL … “I’d never dome anything like that”

    s/b “I’d never done anything like that”

    where’s spell check when you need it … : – )

  3. Crikey … it’s a squirrel … must be chasing a unicorn. : – )

    “I may also never do it it again” … I see I had one too many “its” in there … yikes !

  4. Hi Helen:

    If you ever move to three songs a week, perhaps you could do so under the heading “Silly, Odd & Serious” … S.O.S. for short; if you ever do that, you might be sending out a different SOS to others, though, i.e., “Send Over Supplies … there’s been no time to shop for basics to keep us all fed … ”

    Kidding aside, you’re a wonderful talent to follow, Helen. All the best to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas.

    Happy skiing up there on Mt. Washington, as well; perhaps we’ll get a chance to visit the mountain this year; we have friends who live up there, in their condo. It would be good to catch up with them.


  5. Almost forgot that I still have the initial song sketches compiled together on Soundcloud, with a few notes there about their creation; not mixed nor mastered versions of the songs, albeit we’ve arrived at that point, as well; they are there, though, in their initial form:

    Song writing is an interesting process; looking forward, Helen, to your next album coming out, from your work in LA.

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