LA Take 2 – Day 3 – BACON!

I know I’m getting away from the real reason I’m here… but when I found bacon chocolate I was ecstatic. I mean it’s chocolate…. AND bacon! Bacon chocolate!

Okay… back to the music.

Today we had the pleasure of having Kiara Perico come in today and record some viola parts for Breathe In Breathe Out and Bleu’s string arrangement really blew me away. Viola is such a cool instrument… so rich. I do need to apologize to Kiara though for writing a song in Db… or C#… either way, a lot of accidentals.

It was also nice to have another girl in the studio today… not that I don’t adore the boys, ’cause I do… but… you know 🙂

After being fuelled by the bacon chocolate, Joe put down some sick drums… a-hem… I mean really good drums. I’m trying to acquire the lingo.. it doesn’t really sound right with my accent.

By 9pm it was time for food and I got to eat at yet another wonderful LA restaurant. I am going to fully take advantage of this not having to cook thing… with wine, of course 🙂


  1. You’ve got viola parts!! I can’t wait to hear it. I must confess the bacon chocolate sounds odd, so I’ll take your word that it’s delish. Sounds like you are having a fantastically creative time… can’t wait to hear what you produce.

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