LA Take 2 – Day 1

While I am away I try to be vaguely healthy, mainly so I have plenty of energy to get everything done with a clear head. So starting the first day by having cold pizza for breakfast was probably not the way to go but laziness took over and it was there.

Guilt then took me to the local whole foods market where I picked up some healthy stuff to keep me on the right track… plus a little gourmet chocolate. 🙂

After Mexican for lunch (ostrich tacos! See above) we got down to business and Bleu played me what he had been working on production-wise. Although I had now gotten used to my songs sounding different… it’s always a slight shock to hear a completely different treatment, but by the end of the song my ears had adjusted and I really love it.

One thing I have discovered about Bleu is that he bluntly honest, a quality I am very much used to at home with my husband. If I ask him if I look bad in certain clothes he is allowed to be honest It’s a quality I admire when done without malice. So when Bleu exclaims that he really likes a song or a lyric that I’ve written, I know he really means it and that means a lot to me.

We worked on a couple of songs today. I love watching a new song emerge out of my original recording. The process is fascinating and the feel can changed several times in an hour… especially when Joe starts hitting things.

After recording a bunch of harmonies and realizing it was well after 10pm it was time for wine… and fish and chips, fried in duck fat… yum!

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