LA-Bound Again…

April came around really fast and I find myself at Vancouver airport waiting for my flight to LA once again.

Last time I was there I was enjoying it so much that it was the first time ever being away (I think) that I wanted to stay a while longer, as much as I missed my family. I was chomping at the bit to get back.

But it’s always hard leaving the kids and husband… I really like them 🙂

The lead up to going is always interesting for the family and my husband warned the kids to not bug me too much (it was spring break and they had been at home for 2 weeks)) because he said my head was “spinning like a crazy person”.

I have to admit that I do tend to get a little crazy about stuff, mostly about clothes, before I leave. It’s been winter in BC for a long time and now I am being thrust into summer weather with no spring to adjust. What does one wear in the summer?… in LA? I always imagine that all women in LA are tall, tanned, perfect and do pilates. I am very short, very white and do the laundry. Of course I know that they are the same as us down in LA… well, most of them, but it doesn’t stop me from ranting at cosmetic commercials that make women feel like they have to be flawless at any age. My teenage daughter looks at me with a mix of fear, admiration and amusement at my outbursts.

So, still unsure of what to wear, I now have a suitcase that is about as big as me and probably weighs more. But I think I am covered for all social adventures.

Enough frivolity… back to the music next time…


One comment

  1. The story is so familiar . . .pack lots and then just wear my favourites (the top 2 inches)! The good (well, maybe bad) thing about warm sunny Cali is that you are not required to wear much!

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