LA – Day 2

Today we really dug into 2 of the tracks and it is so interesting to watch a producer work and marvel at the minute discrepancies that they hear. Not being a perfectionist myself, I let a lot of things slide in my own recordings. Not Bleu. Every beat, pitch, glitch is gone over with a fine tooth comb.

I am also enjoying the luxury of just sitting back, listening and suggesting things I like, which lead to me putting down a flute part today. Nice to know all those years of practicing scales came in useful.

We also put down some banjolele (my new fave instrument) and extra vocals. Spending the day with boys is certainly educational. I thought I had heard it all in the comedy dressing rooms, but it seems not 😉

So after some fantastic pizza and a glass of wine, and an email from my publisher telling me that he loves what we have so far, it’s sleep time for me. See ya tomorrow 🙂

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