Month: September 2011

Taylor Horror!

A weeks ago I was travelling to California for the West Coast Songwriter’s Conference, which was a great conference by the way! But drama unfolded before I have even left Canada.

A terrible thing happened to my beloved Taylor guitar – a gift from all my friends on my 40th birthday a few years ago.

After checking in at the airport I took my guitar to the ‘special’ luggage area and was asked to place it on the conveyor belt. There was just a short section of belt before the guitar would disappear through a small archway.

While lifting the guitar (which was in a very sturdy case) onto the belt, the top caught on the archway while the bottom hit the belt and kept moving…. so fast that there was nothing I could do except shout “Nooooooooooo”. I think the whole airport heard me. The top section of the guitar bent right over. It was like watching a horror movie for stringed instruments.

When I opened the case this is what I found

I have to admit I cried.

Now everyone asks me “was it United?”…. and yes it was. But I put the guitar on the belt and it was just one of those freak things that I couldn’t have foreseen and it was not United’s fault, despite their terrible reputation. I can’t count the amount of people who have send me the ‘United Breaks Guitars‘ youtube link. 🙂 In fact the lady at United was trying so hard to be helpful and felt awful for what had happened.

As sad as it was, it is just a thing and nothing bad happened to my kids so it’s all good. I have insurance, who have been very helpful and so now have a new Taylor. My wonderful husband suggested I upgrade to a better guitar, so I have gone from the 314CE to the 814CE and it plays like a dream. Look how happy it makes me.

For everyone who keeps asking… when I took the old one to a Luthier for an autopsy, the words out of their mouth was ‘Ooh, that’s bad… it’s good for kindling’. So I shall be framing the head as a memory of the wonderful generosity of my friends.

Gonna write some new tunes now… 🙂

Little Buttons

I have never forayed into the world of merch, apart from the obvious CDs I have always have with me at gigs and sell online.

I have seen the t shirts, cup holders, water bottles and other such fun items to take home as a reminder of your favorite band.

As I spend most of my time recording for the purposes of licensing I don’t do a lot of touring so have never seen the need for anything extra. However, this summer I spent a lot of time at festivals and conferences and I suddenly felt like I needed something more than just my CDs. Of course, I didn’t figure this out until my last festival of the season.

So I started thinking… Stickers? Key rings? But it was my teen who came up with buttons. She just loves buttons and has them all over her school bag.

But what should go on them? I didn’t want to just have my website on there, although the purpose was to advertise. I didn’t want my face and I don’t really have a logo.

Again it was my daughter that came up with the idea of the names of some of my songs. I can be a little quirky in my songwriting and some have fun names. After careful thought (about 15 minutes or so) we came up with the following…

Little Strange
Perfect Girl
When We Were Young
Ordinary Girl
Three’s Company
Love Is
Let The Sun Shine
La De Dah
Take Me Away
5 Little Things
… and the most popular – High Maintenance
My son, who the song was written about, wears his button with pride everyday.

I found a wonderful button making place call Crucial Pins and they had my buttons made and to me within 3 days…. just in time for to play and MC at the Sunshine Musicfest this last weekend, which, by the way, was the most awesome little festival ever.

I decided to make the buttons free giveaways… after all, people would be advertising me (my website is on the button too!)

When I took the buttons to the festival I thought that the odd person would take one, but they were a hit and a saw a very large percentage of festival goers wearing them. And my daughter was correct… the teens loved them!

I need to order more now and after going through the few that were left I have narrowed the song names down to the ones below. It seems that people want buttons that represent who they are… which is mostly a little strange, high maintenance and perfect! 🙂

These little buttons seem to have hit on something fun that makes people remember my music and are now available at my website on their own or you get a free one when you purchase a CD.