Month: March 2011

To Loop Or Not To Loop?

Hello… I need your help. And please be honest! 🙂

As some of you know, I have a looper – a Boss Loop Station RC50 for the more tech-minded of you out there.

I do love my looper but I am also scared of it… a little. It’s like learning a whole new instrument and then some. However, I do feel the need to master it!

My quandary is, do I use it at important gigs… like the showcase I am about to do at Pacific Contact or when I go the Knoxville for We R Indie, or NY? Does it add or take away from the performance?

I am really interested to hear from others that use a looper and from those who have an opinion my own looping abilities. When I play without it I can just relax and sing. But the looper does add texture and variety, however, is it too much of a distraction?

I have put together a looper video from a concert I did last night with the lovely Hayley Sales. I need to know, does it add enough to put the extra work in to really make it work?

The video is at this LINK.