Month: December 2010

2010 – an interesting year!

2010 started with a flurry of placements, which continued throughout the year and I was still in full swing writing my Song of the Week. While still reeling from the death of a close friend, a lot of the later Song of the Week songs touched on mortality from different angles, but I ended the project with a song for my amazingly supportive husband!

Song of the week ended in early April and I rewarded myself and family with a trip to Disneyland. While there I got my first network TV placement on Ghost Whisperer.

May 20th I released 13 of the Song of the Week songs on an album and simply called it Song of the Week. I then started the whole marketing thing all over again but it was fun having a whole load of new, beautifully mastered songs to give to my wonderful publishers.

June was a sad month. I lost my Mum while, ironically, while playing the Relay for Life song at our local relay.It was her favourite song of mine and she had been battling cancer for many years.

July is one of my fave months because I get to be mainstage MC with Todd Butler at Vancouver Island Musicfest. We also got to play songs together too, which lead to us doing gig together in November just for the fun of it! July also saw me attempt the 50 songs in 90 days challenge which I failed miserably, but I got a new album out of it (see Dec).

August was New York month. Getting to see a movie my songs were in, playing a gig and lots of shopping and eating with a good friend… what more could a girl want? I was also mid blog challenge for the book Music Success In Nine Weeks, which challenged some of my thoughts on music marketing.

September got me 2 ads and an album release in South Korea. My husband wants me to get a tour there… he loves the food! October I headed south of the border again, this time to Delaware for the DBMC where I made lots of new friends and got to sing lots too! We also started rehearsal for Voices Three, a big concert with Sue Pyper and Judy Wing to raise money for hospice.

November started with the Taxi Road Rally where I learned a ton and finally got to meet both of my lovely publishers who just as wonderful as I had suspected they would be. I also wrote my first serious article about music licensing after being asked so many times about how I got my music onto TV etc. It was a cathartic thing to write, reflecting on the madness of the intense single mindedness that is my life (until kids need feeding and taxiing).

So we’re at the end of December. I have a new album, Treehouse, that I am releasing on Jan 1st 2011 (tomorrow) along with a wonderful video that my talented 13 year old created for the title track. The songs will be on itunes and the vid on YouTube.

After an interesting year I have an interesting story for the end of the year that has nothing to do with music (although may affect my playing anything short term) …

Yesterday while skiing (my fave thing to do with my family) I was taken out by another skier getting some big air on a black run. After being taken down the mountain on a stretcher, had my clothes cut off me and sent to the hospital for xrays, I now have a fractured collar bone and lots of nice drugs to see me into 2011 (so please excuse any typos!).

There are some people I want thank for 2010 – pigFactory and Crucial, my wonderful publishers. Thanks for all the placements. Hans Dekline, the masterful masterer and Brian Hazard for asking me to write the licensing article. I love both of your fb comments and musings… always entertaining! To Jon Ostrow of Mic Control for his support of indie musicians and me! And to everyone who reads anything I write, listens to my songs, comments on my postings and generally makes me feel like I am on the right track. Every little word helps!

Here’s to a fantastic 2011. I hope it brings you great things!

A week in the life of…

This week was a microcosm of my life. I live in a very small town and it constantly astounds me how many different musical genres I get to play in, just locally. Here was my week…

Monday started with making lunches for my sons elementary school and ended with a rehearsal for the Strathcona Symphony Orchestra, where I play flute. We are rehearsing tunes from the movies for a January Concert… some of which are REALLY hard! My piccolo lips need some training to hit those really high notes.

Tuesday was a lunchtime Rotary concert with Voices Three (see Wednesday) and the evening was Fiddlejam. A bunch of fiddle players, along with guitars, mandolins and a whole bunch of other instruments, get together to play fiddle music and its wonderful to see my 13 and 8 year olds playing alongside all ages up to 98 year old. I play piano for them while trying to stop my son from poking other kids with his bow. This is why mothers are multitaskers!

Wednesday is Voices Three night rehearsal. This is the 4th year that we have put on this concert at the Sid Williams Theatre to raise money for the Hospice Society. Voices Three is Sue Pyper, Judy Wing and myself, along with Bruce Wing, Jim Stepan and uber fiddler Trent Freeman on back-up. Each week we eat lasagna, drink wine and then rehearse our tunes for the concert. This week was my house and we were feeling adventurous so my daughter made pasta from scratch and we had a home made one!

Thursday I could relax, because the artwork for my new album has finally gone to the CD duplicators and I now just have to wait for the fruits of my labor in a shiny package. I also spent Thursday doing paperwork, signing the new songs from my new album with my publishers and sorting out the instrumental versions.

Friday morning I slept. That’s because I knew I had a late gig with Time Well Wasted, a 13 piece R&B, disco soul band. I am one of the 3 lead vocalists, along with Sue Medley and Charity Munroe. we have a blast singing songs from Stevie Wonder to Tower of Power to Eurythmics.

Saturday morning was junk food breakfast, taking my son to a violin lesson, taking my daughter and friend to the mall then watching my son do a gym class. I haven’t written a song in a while so Sat night I wrote and recorded a new song…. with a glass of wine in hand, of course!

I have an extremely full life and am truly grateful for it. If I’m not too tired I will take the kids skiing today and then it will all start again tomorrow.