Saying Yes and the Dewey Beach Music Conference

Something happened to me last year that turn me into a YES person and it’s funny what you end up doing when you say yes to stuff (not quite in the same way that Jim Carrey did in the movie, I’m not insane!).

After saying yes to going to New York in the summer to see the movie showing of Mayor Cupcake, that has 3 of my songs in it, Vikki Walls, the same person who placed my songs, said “Hey, why don’t you come down to the Dewey Beach Music Conference and I’ll give you as many showcases as I can”.

I immediately said yes, even knowing that just the logistics of getting there from Vancouver Island would be a nightmare. but it sounded like a fun thing to do and a chance to play somewhere new.

This last weekend, after four flights to get there, I went to DBMC. I knew no one except Vikki, but decided to immerse myself in the panels and watching some fabulous bands. And sitting on your own from time to time, just taking it all in can be an interesting experience.

While there, not only did I get to play three shows and attend some inspirational panels, I also met some amazing people. Yes, there were a LOT of young dudes in skinny jeans and at times I felt a little old, but the people I did connect with really made a difference to the experience. One was a panelist, an industry veteran, who really made me laugh and we rarely spoke about music at all, which was refreshing in music packed weekend.

The other was a group called Davin McCoy and the Coming Attractions. Davin, the vey cool, young front guy with a southern accent that could charm the pants off any girl (but not mine as I am old enough to be his mum) for some reason took an immediate shine to me and I hung out with his group for a lot of the time (along with the music vet, who shall remain nameless). I loved the Davin’s voice and songs and was thrilled when half an hour before their main show he asked me if I’d like sing with them.

I said YES!

So I listened to the songs a couple of times on his beat up iPhone, wrote out the verse to one of the songs on the back of some scrap paper and got up with them and had the best time. As much as I love playing my own sets, this type of spontaneous collaboration is the thing that really appeals to me. I just wish that Atlanta, Georgia was a little closer so we could collab again sooner but I am going to do my best to get them to Vancouver Island Musicfest one day…

I have to thank Vikki Walls for putting on such an amazing conference/festival. The amount of astoundingly good bands, great panelists and all the free food and drink made for an experience I won’t forget in a hurry. Here are some of the bands that I thought stood out… and it was a tall order to stand out!

Davin McCoy and the Coming Attractions
Avi Wisnia
Find Vienna
Rachael Platten
Anthony Walker

If I’m asked to go again next year, what will I say?

One comment

  1. This mysterious music vet you speak of sounds like he is very charming and cool….especially since he was probably one of the oldest dudes at the conference!!!

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