Blog Challenge Week 9 – continuing on…

Well, here I am at the last chapter of Ariel’s Music Success In Nine Weeks and the book has certainly challenged my marketing thinking!

I am one of those musicians that hates asking people to listen to my music, become my fan, join my list etc etc (which is why I like the Facebook ‘like’ page… people join freely!), but I realize that I can’t just wait for people to discover me. I have to be more proactive.

I am not doing this musician thing the usual way. I don’t gig much outside my local area (I spent 20 years touring as a comedian!) and my main goal is licensing, which I am having some success with. So I thought a lot of the marketing stuff didn’t apply to me. I was wrong. If I want to make a long term living as a musician and writer I still have to do all the usual marketing things… and maybe even start touring bit, something I swore I would never do again, but here I am in the UK doing my first non-comedy gig tomorrow!

So back to the last chapter… Creating a Continuum Program. There are a list of ideas for doing this and I am a big believer in keeping momentum going and not resting on your laurels (I didn’t even know I had laurels!). Here’s is where I am at..

I offer the free mp3 to join my email list, which is working especially well after one of my songs has been on an MTV show.

I am selling my albums and singles on itunes as shown by my Tunecore and CD Baby statements!

I have lovely business cards with my pitch, which match my website, press release and all my social networking sites.

I am very much affiliated with The Relay For Life Cancer walk. I wrote a song for them a few years ago, which is played at Relay’s all over the world now. I lost my Mum to cancer in June so this is a cause very close to me. I have also put songs on various fundraising albums the latest of which is ‘Up, Up, Up‘ for autism.

I regularly email my list with news, competitions and new albums/singles I am releasing.

I am attending conferences this year and getting to showcase at some so will be collecting lots of business cards and have my own at the ready… always!

Here is what I need to work on…

Fan club… I hate the word fan, but will have to get over it and set something up! 😉

More live gigs… I have been approached about doing house concerts so need to follow up on that and I have applied to the BC Touring Showcase. I keep getting asked about touring in the UK (where I am originally from) so I am going to look into that.

I have already spent a year writing, recording and uploading a new song every week for a year, which got a lot of people on my email list. So now I really like the idea of offering a custom written song. I love to write and I think that would be a fun thing to do for anyone that wants one. The suggestion of charging $1000 is appealing and not appealing all at the same time. It’s not that I don’t think one of my songs wouldn’t be worth $1000… I just have to get over myself! If anyone wanted to one, I would be happy to do it! (see, there’s my first step… I just put it out there!).

This has been a great exercise in both blogging and challenging one’s thought’s on marketing. I will be reading this book several times and maybe each time i will get more comfortable with some of the aspects I currently find uncomfortable with.

I have met some great people on the forums on the msi9w website, some of whom I shall hopefully meet at the Taxi Road Rally and where I will hopefully get to meet and chat with Ariel herself.

Onwards and upwards!


  1. Helen,
    It has been enjoyable journeying with you on this MSi9W blog challenge. I just read your guest article on Songwriting Scene abut film and TV placement. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your analysis on the different placement services (Taxi, Sonicbids, etc.) and I am inspired by your diligence in writing and recording a song a week for a year. That’s dedication!!
    I wish you all the best.

  2. Thanks for reading it. I got asked a lot so it seemed the easiest way to answer the big question of how you get licensed.

    And congrats on being the Grand prize winner… well deserved!

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