Connecting with Fans – Blog Challenge Week 6

This was a scary chapter as the Music Success In Nine Weeks asks us to take off our artist’s hats and put on business ones. We’re not in Kansas anymore!

I totally get the 1000 true fans thing… I really do (it’s an interesting concept). But I don’t want to bother the people who allow me into their inboxes with surveys so I can find out what they want, which sounds silly even as I write this. Surely I want to find out what they want, then I can give it to them.

Also, I don’t do a newsletter ( I know, I am a very bad student). I don’t like getting newsletters, usually as they have lots of images that don’t automatically appear in my email and I find them a little impersonal. Just my opinion. I find adding colour and images hides the message of what you want to say.

I prefer to send personal style emails to my email list and only when I have some news or a new project. There is usually something going on with my music as I obsessively try to get it licensed, so I send out an email around once or twice a month. If I need to ask them to vote on a competition, or leave an itunes review I always try to ask in a way that let’s them know that I still appreciate them if they can’t/don’t want to.

As I write a LOT… it’s easy for me to give away free downloads and I think my list appreciates that I do.

So call me a bad student and I will keep an open mind about the survey thing. I think we all have to do as our gut tells us.



  1. Hey Helen,

    Kudos for being honest and unafraid to say what you really think. I had similar reservations when I started sending newsletters last year, so I decided to make it a once-a-month thing. I make it clear to people signing up that it is only once a month, so they don’t have to worry about a cluttered inbox (and so that I have some peace of mind knowing that they know I’m not going to spam them). Since then people tell me all the time how they think it’s cool that I send out a REGULAR newsletter. They actually look forward to it and sometimes call me on it when I’m late putting it out. I think that’s the biggest compliment a writer can receive. I bet your fans would feel the same. Once you can clear your mind of the feeling that you are imposing on people, you’ll probably start feeling good about sending it out. At least, that’s what happened for me. I’ve talked to various business and marketing types and they agree that regularity is important (even if it’s only once a month), so that people come to expect it and welcome it.


    Meghan Morrison

  2. I tried to stay off of all email lists and the, maybe 8 months ago, I signed up for almost 3 dozen. Lately I’ve unsubscribed to most and only look forward to maybe 4 but the 4 I like I really like.

  3. Ya know, I appreciate the honesty. I’ve had trouble with the pictures element myself… I added a phrase at the top reminding people to enable photos, but somehow I still think a lot of people miss out on them. Also, sometimes the size of the photos somehow gets messed up and blows out of proportion so I’m afraid I’ve detracted a few members by accident! So I completely get what you’re saying about that…

    I agree with Meghan that newsletters can be so crucial to what you do. I will expand though and say that newsletters are like Country Music… Nothing beats it when its done exceptionally well – and nothing could be worse when its gone bad. Thus, people have mixed feelings about the effectiveness off email lists… I guess what I’m learning is that striking the perfect balance of how often you mail, what your content is, what you give away etc. is a tricky thing but perhaps ultimately worth it if you get it right. I mean, the best country songs made it pretty big.


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