About a Blog… Challenge Week 5

Blogging about blogging while doing a blog challenge feels a little like overkill but here goes.

Week 5 of Music Success In Nine Weeks talks about the importance of blogging (I shall be using that word a lot in this blog!).

I have to admit that I was an anti-blogger. Who wants to read others rambling thoughts? Well, it seem like a lot of people do, so I dipped my toe in the water a while a go and gave it a go. I like that the book says not to over-think blogging. It kind of gave me the permission for the blog not to be perfect and I am NOT a perfectionist (which is great for writing lots of songs but not so great when try to anchor a boat… long story).

So the blogging is going great I now have to concentrate on finding blogs that I want to read, which is time consuming. Can someone please make a list of the blogs that I would like to read and contribute to? No? oh ok… I guess I will get to it. I have found a few that I really like to read that are on my blog roll over on the right there. But 50! There is work to be done!

Another part of that chapter tells you never to self-promote on other people’s blog… hooray!!!

So I have contributed to some blogs, stuff that i find interesting and really think that I have something to say about or experience of (like writing LOTS of songs!). This lead to http://www.songwritingscene.com/ doing a feature on me for which I was very grateful.

So there we have it …a blog about a blog. I have to admit I kind of enjoy blogging now… as long as there are people who want to read what I have to say.

Blog on!


  1. Congratulations on getting featured! Bloggers like people to read what they have to say just like musicians want people to hear their music. It’s all about relationships, mutual benefit, and sharing what you know and love with others. You are well on your way to creating some great relationships!! Keep up the awesome blogging =)

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