Blog Challenge week 2. Perfect Pitch

I don’t have it but my kids do, which is very irritating when they tell me I’m singing my own song in the wrong key!

But this is a different sort of pitch… the one that tells everybody what you sound like.

But what do I sound like? Everyone would like to think that their sound was so unique you couldn’t possibly compare it to others. But the book Music Success in Nine Weeks MAKES you think about it and really gets you to flesh out where your influences are coming from.

I always hate the part in music submission where they get you to list who you sound like, so I had to grit my teeth and push my ego aside and really think.

Now I LOVE Iron & Wine and his music has really influenced my own on the production side with the ‘close quiet vocal’ thing. But I’m a girl so I don’t really sound like him.

Radio people have said that I have a bit of Simon and Garfunkel, CSN&Y or Elliot Smith about me… but there’s that boy thing again. Which girl do I sound like?

I’m not as pop-y as Regina Spektor, as alternative as Joanna Newsom, or as direct as Kate Nash. The closest I could get was Feist (the close quiet vocal thing!) but I am folkier that her.

It was my husband that came up with the analogy that strung it all together.

As my influences and sound are from both an earlier generation (one that that I was very much alive for!) and today’s sounds, we came up with this.

“A singer songwriter with the DNA of Simon & Garfunkel and CSN&Y clothed in Iron & Wine and a folkier Feist”

I don’t like comparing myself to writers such as these as I don’t feel worthy but people who have heard my music and have looked at the pitch seem to nod their heads and say “Yup, that’s what you sound like”.

So I have trusted in the listeners and now have that quote on my business cards etc.


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