Blog challenge… and other challenges.

So it seems that I really should read about the challenge before I start it! Story of my life.

The Music Success in Nine Weeks challenge is blogging about the 9 weeks of the book… duh!

This first week is getting mentally prepared.

This one was easy. Nearly 2 years ago when my youngest went to school full time and thought  ‘what am I going be when I grow up?’. I had finished a 20 year comedy career in the UK and knew that straight, unadulterated music is what I really wanted to do.

So I set out a plan (with the blessing of my lovely husband with a real job).

I wanted to make and record music, didn’t want to tour too much (I did that in my previous life) and my main goal was to get my music on TV, Film etc. I decided to treat this like a job because it is. I got up every day and worked hard from the moment the kids left until I had to pick them up… and then worked some more. The word ‘obsessed’ has been bandied around our house more than a few times!

So 2 years later, I have 2 great publishers and I have some music on TV (Ghost Whisperer and 90210 are my biggest so far) a couple of indie movies, a couple of ads and a documentary.

So reading the first chapter of the book was really satisfying. There’s nothing better than having your own actions confirmed by someone who has been through this many, many times with artists!

Week 2 – The Perfect Pitch. See you next week…


  1. oh, i need to learn from you! i’ve never tried marketing my songs to movies but get so tired from gigging- songwriting is where my heart it, but not necessarily performing. i’d be happy to just perform for my 2 siberian huskies laying at my feet!

    i am so glad you were able to get your songs places in tv shows- that’s really great! hope you work your way into many other great opportunities.

  2. thanks kerri!

    Just go find yourself a good publisher and that will get your music out to the supervisors who decide!

    I don’t gig as much as I should so am looking at that a little more.


  3. Hey Helen! I stumbled across you from the MSi9W list on twitter 🙂

    Just wanted to say, awesome stuff for having your songs on Ghost Whisperer!!! It’s great to hear you following your dreams, all the best with your upcoming work 🙂

  4. Hey Helen,

    That’s fantastic that you placed some songs on some major shows, that’s not easy to do, I’d be curious to hear more about how you got those out of the studio and onto TV.

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