Treat your email list with care

As an artist, I know that the email list is one of the most valuable marketing tools you can have. It takes time to accumulate the list, is lots of hard work to add to the list and the list is your direct access to the people who want to follow your progress (and buy your music!).

So when I get an email from a band that I don’t know, whose list I have somehow ended up on, that tells (not asks) me to vote for them, includes a bunch of images and then signs off with lots of love, it makes me wonder how sincere some email lists are.

I have spent years building my list and checking that people want to be on the list. I always give them a friendly way out and most importantly, if I need people to vote for me (which I hate btw) then I ask them in a very understated way and only if they have time. I would rather keep my list (and friends) than get the votes for one of the many competitions out there.

I would much prefer to get a personal style email (we all know they are being BCC’d to the list) with a little humility.

I only email my list if there is really something to tell them about, I keep it brief (I myself have a very short attention span for those long emails) and I always thank them for allowing me into their inbox, which I consider a privilege.

With great lists comes great responsibility.

PS if you want to be added to my email list then please click here


  1. Hi Helen!

    Just checking in on your lovely blog. Will you be sharing any of your goals or successes from Chapter 1 too? We understand if you want to keep them mum!

    Good luck with the challenge!

    (one of Ariel’s judges 😉

  2. yes!! i so agree.

    hey, i am visiting u b/c your song was so sweet that you posted up on 50/90. i’m a musician and blogger too.

    looking forward to hearing your other songs! 🙂

  3. Hey Helen,

    It seems like you should only send stuff to your list only when you have big news, a show, an album, etc…. but other stuff I’ve read says you should drop them a line regularly, like you’re just dropping by to say “Hi”. Don’t try to sell them on anything, maybe share an amusing anecdote that’s non music-related, but keep communicating. You have to figure busy people are probably only going to see every 3rd or 4th thing you send them so you have to keep it coming. It seems like you’re bugging people doing it that much but honestly, how much of an inconvenience is it for someone to hit the ‘delete’ button or ‘unsubscribe’ button.

  4. I send as much as I would be willing to receive which I think is a pretty good bench mark. I usually just telling them any good news which I get really nice feedback from. I’m not into the hard sell. if people want your music and they know it’s out there they”ll go get it.

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