Typos from heaven?

So I have released my new CD, have lovely pics, the artwork looks great, the songs sound great, but wait… what’s that? A Typo?…. and another….

I’m a bit of a one stop shop, partly as a cost saver, partly because I enjoy the different artistic aspects of putting together a CD.

I record my own music at home (but get it mastered… I’m not an idiot!)
I do my own artwork on an old version of Indesign (but get a photographer.. see above)
I design all my publicity (but take it to a great printers… they are VERY patient)

There is one area I should ALWAYS get someone else to do… check the spelling and grammar.

But I didn’t this time. The friend who is my usual eagle eye, is also the friend whose late husband I dedicated the CD to. I also put a speacial (one of the typos) thanks to her too. So I didn’t want to ask her to check her own dedication!

I gave my friend the CD and she called to thank me and then gingerly told me about one typo…. apparently her husband, Mark, had died in ‘Septemeber’ on the dedication. Later I noticed that I had written about his ‘passionante’ enthusiasm for my music. We both laughed, thinking that Mark was messing with us to lighten up the whole death thing! Who knows…

And I can see the little red dots underneath these words now, as spell check catches them…. but not in InDesign… the not dinosaur version anyway!

But that is not all There is one more, but I will leave that one for people with CDs to find(it’s very apt) and just hope that you don’t find any more.

One lovely thought from husband is that when I have run out of these CDs (I did a short run as most people download these days) I can correct the typos and the first ones will be SPEACIAL!



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