The Sound of Silence…

So I have nodules… again.

The last time was 10 years ago when I was told “Stop talking now for week”. It was one of the hardest weeks! My oldest was 3 and couldn’t read and I was treated like a leper by a young assistant in Gap. I carried around a notebook and it was amazing how many people wrote back to me. It’s like they thought I had gone deaf too… strange.

So here we go again. Singing is fine. In fact singing helps, which is great. But I have 2 kids and lots of chatty friends and I live in a wonderful community where everyone is SO friendly.

One suggestion was to hang a sign around my neck explaining it all, but that felt a bit div-ish! I am, once again, carrying around a notebook but my handwriting is appalling, so I just get funny looks! Which is what I also get because I am smiling a lot to compensate! I think it’s coming across as creepy :/

The strangest thing is that my kids are behaving impeccably. It’s amazing what you get achieved with them when you have to go up to them and look them in the eye instead of shouting across the house.

So the good news is that I can sing and it’s good for me. Now if everyone could just not talk to me, that would make this week a whole lot easier.



  1. Helen, I hope you get that throat better soon. Just wanted to share with you that you were much talked about last night at my house. Catherine had a lovely International Exchange (Austrian) student over for dinner and then they had a marathon beading session. They turned out lots of bracelets, necklaces and anklets, all the while singing along to your “Things you can’t undo” album. Veronica loved your songs, and was amazed that we actually knew you! Thanks for bringing smiles and happiness to my home. Get better soon!

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