Why I don’t have an iPhone… yet.

Just some thoughts on being continually plugged in….

My husband has an iPhone. In fact he got one the day they were released. Same with the iPad.

Now, while I LOVE his iPhone (not so much his iPad), I think it’s wise that I don’t get one. I find that I spend so much time in front of a screen either recording, marketing, emailing, video editing etc etc and I need to take a forced break at some point. Releasing a new CD will do that.

Without an iPhone when I leave the house, I get the occasional blissful hour, not knowing who is doing what or who is trying to contact me.

Now I’m not a strong person. If I am with my husband I can’t resist taking his phone and checking messages, looking at twitter, facebook. He tries to stop me but eventually he relents (because he’s nice!)

So, as much as I should have an iPhone, I am going to continue, for now, without one… until my husband needs a new one… will I be able to resist taking over his old one. We shall see 🙂


  1. I’m with you Helen!! So far, I too have resisted… as much as a part of me would LOVE an iPhone, I feel I’m so constantly connected that not having the mobile connectivity of a data phone gives me that ‘alone’ time that can be sometimes hard to find in the rapid pace of life!!

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