Going Loopy!

Three weeks ago my new Boss Loop Station RC-50 arrived complete with a bible-sized instruction book. As you probably know, blondes and instruction manuals just don’t mix well so I went to Youtube and found a vid that saved me hours of reading!

The timing is perfect for this new learning curve. My Song of the Week is done, the chosen songs for the CD are being mastered and I have time on my hands for something new.

This is like learning a new instrument and separating your left and right brain at the same time (or driving a car with 6 clutches…). I have had to take my songs apart and put them back together again in a way that really utilizes this machine.

I have decided to use the multi play mode, which restricts me from switching between verse and chorus, but allows me to be way more creative with layering. And those restrictions can sometimes produce and unexpected surprise in the song.

So last night I took my looper for a test drive at a local jam run by very patient people Judy and Bruce Wing. It was very different trying to perform using the looper rather than using it at home. And didn’t help that they were a raucous, but lovely crowd. Trying engage with a crowd while looking down for the correct pedal at a precise moment lead to lots of laughter!

But I got through it, go some great feedback am ready do it again tomorrow. Like with all new things, just keep doing it until it gets easy… could take a while 🙂


  1. Just wanted to tell U that I love the Childbirthsong! (found it on Youtube, about 2 months before my third and very last child was born). And I tell al my friends about it! Whenever I need a good laugh i go listen to it!

    All U’r other music is also good but The Childbirthsong brougth me to U!

    Love from Sweden

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