Month: April 2010

Here We Go Again!

So I said that I would never put out another physical CD, but we all know about the never saying never thing… never say it! So after producing so many songs in a year I felt compelled to put together the (in my opinion) best ones and then gig a little.

I have remixed the songs and they are about to be mastered by Hans Dekline of Sound Bites Dog (who you should follow on twitter if you like witty social and political commentary). I got some extra production done on a couple by Scott Feldman of Darkbloom to mix it up a little. He has great turn-around times if you need some cool sounds.

So now to the artwork. I have wonderful pics to play with from McKinnon Photography. In fact we are going to take a few extra pics on Monday (an excuse to eat at the Freakin’ Coffeeshop really!). But this is my first attempt at a digipack ( I think). All that upside down stuff is making me dizzy. But I’ll get there in the end.

Now, do I put lyrics on the artwork or not?… or just a link to the lyrics on my website?

I also said that I’d never have a pic of myself on the cover again… but we’ve already discussed that ‘never’ thing and besides, Karen has given me such nice pics it would be rude not to 🙂

So here we go again. Write, produce, mix, photoshop, order and then release… I am having a sense of deja vu.

I love it all really and I am proud of the CD.

Next up – marketing it! :0

Song of the Week thoughts…

A year ago I started writing and producing a song a week. When I began I had no time frame in mind, I just wanted to make myself write and record more. I am not sure what week it was that made me think that it would be a year. Maybe week 12 when I thought “This is fun, I could do this for a while”, or week 23 when I was thinking a lot about mortality and what we leave behind. But I think it was week 37 at New year, when I thought “this has been an amazing experience but I think I will need a break soon”.

So week 52 is here and I have 51 songs (read here why 51) to show for it. Some are keepers, some I never want to hear again but I hope most are of reasonable quality.

So now I am going to chose 12 to remix and master to create a ‘Song of the Week’ CD. I have already been playing with the artwork and here’s what I have so far with a great pic from McKinnon Photography.

I have chosen most of them already but am open to changes and I want to get the CD released by June. I have planned  CD release on 25th Sept at Joe’s Garage in Courtenay, BC.

So what I have a learned?

I have learned that I am not the only person out there doing this. Here are the others I have found so far…

Developer Music
Jonathon Coulton

I have learned to get good ideas down quickly and to follow through and finish them, which has been useful when seeing music placement listings. ‘Happy’ came from a Taxi listing looking for songs with the word ‘Happy’ in them, due the following week. That song ended up in a Royal Caribbean web ad.

I have learned that if you put kids in front of the TV you can get recording done during the summer holidays.

I have learned that I have amazing family and friends who have supported me and haven’t appeared bored at all 😉

Mostly I learned that I love a deadline and I am sad to be finishing this project, but (as is the case with me, ask my husband) I have already moved onto my new thing, the thing being a looper, which should be in the store this week. I can’t wait how to master the Boss Loop Station RC – 50XL and gig with it!

Thank you to all who have stayed or joined my email list, who have listened via twitter, facebook etc and who have passed my music on to others. I appreciate it more than you will know.

So for now, that is it for ‘Song of the Week’ until the next time I get restless….