Why 51 songs?

I am getting close to a year of writing, recording and upload a new song every week to my website. But I will not have 52 songs by April 6th.

On Sept 11th last year, a very close friend suddenly and shockingly passed away. That week I just didn’t have the energy to put out a new song and the following week I wrote a song dedicated to my friend as my song of that week.

So when I decided I would be doing a year of Song of the Week I had decide if I would just tack on an extra song onto the year to make it up to 52.

But I won’t be doing that. I feel like that difficult week needs to be honored.

So I will be finishing the year with 51 songs.

One comment

  1. This absent week should be mentioned on your album with the title “silent memories”.
    week 33 – blah blahah
    week 34 – silent memories
    week 35 – blah blah

    There is no acutal song but it deserves the respect to be mentioned.

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