so many sites, so little time…

I want to get my music onto as many sites as possible. I started with a few – Sonicbids, Taxi, Reverbnation – but then more and more sites started appearing and I want to upload to all. So I did – well not all but as many as I could.

But now I get all these messages from really nice people who are listening to my music and I realize that I am not putting as much effort into updating some of the sites as I am into others.

What to do, what to do…. got it!

My first thought was to concentrate on a different site each day and rotate that way… but there are more than 7 sites… so let’s add up all the sites my music is on

The Sixty One
Uvumi (new one that I am loving!)
Last fm

That is 14 so far, but I’m sure I’ve missed some out. But 14 is a handy number… update 2 a day. I can do that.

Any input into how you keep track of all the sites that are out there would be very welcome.

The listeners are so very lovely and I want to make sure that they are getting the best of me!

But it’s already lunchtime and there are still songs to upload… time to eat!


  1. one thing that is wonderfully helpful is , which supports updating several sites at once. i don’t use it as much as i should… some great features on the free service. has many features that are helpful w/ updating things too, as i’m sure you are aware. 🙂 great work on everything, helen!
    – eric / HipGnosis

  2. Looking at your list, I see sites that do completely different things. Facebook, Uvumi, and the OLD t61 require checking in every couple days to keep up comments, while Jango and Sonicbids can keep for a week or two. Maybe you could try sorting by frequency. I bet you can pare the list down some as well. I recently cut a bunch of sites out of my regular rotation: Bebo, Hi5, and Stereofame come to mind.

    The way I do it is to check in daily at the sites that require it, and put the others on a “Friday” list that I check in once a week when it’s hard to focus on real work.


    p.s. Should I be on Grooveshark, WhoTune, or IMRadio? The latter didn’t look promising last I checked, and I haven’t looked into the other two at all.

    1. thanks guys… useful stuff! I’m not sure what we should all be on… I just put myself on sites that come to my attention one way or another. I think it can’t hurt!

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