Month: December 2009

Use the Force

In preparing to go on a family visit to the UK for 3 weeks, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to record my Songs of the Week, so I had a dilemma. Do I take three weeks off, which I really didn’t want to do, or do I write and record a bunch of songs before I left, which sent me looking for the wine! How was I going to write, record and upload 6 quality songs in 3 weeks (this was 3 weeks before I had to leave). Where was a I going to find the inspiration?

After calming down (maybe it was the wine) I told myself to relax and trust in the the fact that songs always come, usually when you’re not looking. So I gave myself permission to not meet the deadline and maybe miss a week or two. But once I gave myself that permission I knew that the songs would get done in time.

The force that drives me to write a song a week is the same force that tells me I will achieve something when I really want to.

So I am about to leave for the UK, I finished mixing the songs that I will taking with me to upload at the appropriate time and I feel good about having written a bunch of songs that I am proud of, even a Christmassy one!

Panic gets nothing done… it’s all about being calm and focussed and trusting in a process that you have done many times before.