Month: October 2009

Songs that could have gone unwritten.

While talking to a friend about writing, recording and uploading a song a week it occurred to me that I have been forced to write songs that would have otherwise gone unwritten.

Last week, after uploading my latest song, I realised that I had no song or lyrics written, let alone even roughly recorded version, for the following week. So Wednesday morning I sat down and made myself write a tune. Thursday morning I asked my husband for a subject matter and wrote the lyrics.The remainder of Thursday and Friday I recorded and mixed the song.

I liked the song so much that I decided to add it to the EP I am about to release. So now it is being mastered and will be uploaded to itunes tomorrow.

So now it is Tuesday again – I have just uploaded the song to my website and I have to trust that  a new song will come out tomorrow. I wonder what it will be about…. hmm.

You wait for a bus and 6 come at once…

Last September, when both my kids were finally in school full time, I decided to embark on the career I had secretly been hoping for, for a very long time. I have been writing songs since I was a teen and had dipped my toe into the musical waters many times but never dared to get in. But last year I decided it was time to put on the goggles and dive in.

So everyday I wrote, recorded, facebooked, youtubed, twittered, myspaced, submitted, submitted, submitted my songs to anyone who would listen to them.

I felt like I was on the right track because it wasn’t long before I had signed some non-exclusive publishing agreements. But around the new year I started working closely with pigFACTORY publishers, who wanted some of my songs exclusively. I didn’t know if this would be a temporary death sentence for my songs or the start of something good.

Fortunately it was the latter. While they were pitching my songs I was still writing, recording, facebooking… well you get the picture.

So after a year of seriously pushing my music, this week a whole truck load of good stuff arrived.

I was in the final 4 for the Singer/Songwriter Awards, placed 3rd and 5th in the International Indie Songwriting Contest,had manyof my songs hit the homepage of The Sixty One, had 2 songs delivered to the important people at some major cable networks, got an instrumental placed in a USA regional ad and have just found out that my song ‘Perfect Girl’ has been placed in a new MTV show.

I am hoping that this is not ‘just a good week’ but the start of some momentum.

I work REALLY hard at this (ask my family!) and I want to thank all the good wishes from my youtube subs, facebook friends and fans and the patient people who let me into their inbox each week with my Song of the Week.

But I especially want to thank my publishers, Keatly Halderman and the guys from pigFACTORY, for having so much faith in my music and keeping me sane.

It has been a good week.