It’s not all about me, is it?

When I seriously started writing ( I don’t include those teenage and 20 something years that are so naturally self -indulgent!) all of my songs were either my diary in song or friends’ stories. I thought that by knowing my subject matter really well, I would write profound and meaningful songs. Looking at them now, they seem to be full of angst and self pity and I am slightly embarrassed by their indulgence. Friends started worrying that they would get a song about them if they ticked me off. That was not a good sign.

So gradually I started writing about other things. Subjects that had nothing to do with me. Made-up scenarios. Books I had read. The only autobiographical elements are now in the happy songs. Maybe it’s because I am older and happier or maybe it’s because I now write so many songs that I don’t have time for self-indulgence. Who knows. And writing a Song of the Week -means that there is no time for diary songs, unless you lead a really dramatic life!

But as I was pondering all this I came across this article – An Easy Way to Increase Creativity, which totally explained my output and quality of my work and it seems that further away I am from my subject matter, the more creative I can be with it.

After all, it isn’t all about me is it?

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