Know Your Limits!

We all have limitations, especially when it comes to home recording, but rather than fight them, I have chosen to embrace them. It’s like the bottle of wine theory…

You have to choose a bottle of wine. If you go to the corner store and they only have three to chose from and the wine is ok then you will feel happy with your choice. However, if you go to the large store and they have 50 to chose from and the wine is ok, chances are that you will berate yourself for not choosing a better one.

Long story short, the more choices you have, the less satisfied you are with your choice.

Back in the recording studio/bedroom. I know my equipment pretty well but I don’t have racks of stuff and a range of mics. I have learned how to be creative with what I know and what I own (a mac with Logic Express, a Mackie and 2 decent mics) and it seems that my limitations have gotten me to my end product in a timely manner with few frustrations. I have a found a vocal sound that I like and I learn something new everyday about production and arranging. The learning curve on this stuff is huge and I’m enjoying the ride.

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