I write the songs…

I do… but they don’t make the whole world sing. I do sometimes write of love and of special things… enough!

I used to write about events in my life but got tired of my songs being like an open diary page (hand on head in dramatic pose)… so I stopped.

These days my songs start with a phrase (whatever comes to me) sung around a chord progression and I work from there. Most are happy (an indication of my mental state, I am hoping) and quite jolly.

When you force yourself to write a song a week you have to write fast and this can lead to some interesting lyrics. I sometimes write stuff that I didn’t even know I was thinking and I don’t know what the song is about until I am finished. I am hoping that there is nothing too dark in my subconscious!

Anyway, I am writing this because I should be writing the songs… so back to it!

One comment

  1. I just “discovered” your Relay For Life song on YouTube. I immediately fell in love with your happy, bubbly, feel good style. I think it is awesome that you have given of your time and talent to Relay For Life.

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