Here’s the dilemma. I make music and I want people to hear my music. To get my music out there onto SO many sites takes up a serious amount of staring at a screen time. What I really want to be doing is writing and recording the music (which is why I put out a song a week…but more about that another time) but I am spending much time uploading and making my way through all of these sites.

What do you do when your making music time is getting eaten into by your getting your music out there time? No really…anyone?

One comment

  1. You make as much music as you can while you continue to update all these sites until your music makes you enough money that you can hire someone to put out the new stuff while you make more music.
    OR!! get rid of the kids, ya that would give you a couple more hours every day!!!

    I’ve always said that making music should fill yer soul, …cause in all likelyhood it won’t fill yer wallet

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